Malibu Oceanfront Home Showcased In ‘Heat’ Hits The Market For $21 Million

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It’s just not right that a devious criminal can afford one of Malibu’s most spectacular oceanfront homes. At least that was what viewers saw in the 1995 crime thriller Heat in which a group of high-end professional thieves start to feel the heat from the Los Angeles police department when they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest heist.

The home, used in the movie as the residence of a criminal mastermind played by Robert De Niro, is now listed for $21 million. Al Pacino also starred in the film as a Los Angeles police detective in hot pursuit of De Niro after several plot turns and dramatic shootouts.

The Malibu location is in one of Southern California’s best neighborhoods, Malibu Cove Colony, with an eclectic mix of guard-gated oceanfront homes. The ultra-contemporary home was designed by architect Ron Goldman.

At close to 3,500 square feet, the two-story house includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms, according to There are floor-to-ceiling windows, a fireplace, built-in desk that looks out over the ocean, white walls for art displays, a huge balcony and a private terrace overlooking the ocean. Newly installed solar panels and Tesla chargers generate clean energy.

Written and directed by Michael Mann in 1995, Heat is considered one of filmdom’s best crime movies. It was the first time De Niro and Pacino filmed a scene together. Val Kilmer, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore and Ashley Judd also appeared in the film.

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